Ogle Wattenbarger with his care team

Athens, Tennessee, resident Ogle Wattenbarger fractured his right arm and pelvis in a fall and suffered a blood clot in the brain.


After a hospital stay, Wattenbarger needed more care before he could return home. He came to Life Care Center of Athens on June 22, 2018.


“I came to Life Care with a broken pelvis and a broken wrist,” remembered Wattenbarger. “I was in bed for seven weeks. I was in despair and had no will to live. The staff was very helpful and provided for every need I had. Day after day, they worked to help me heal from my broken bones and uplifted my spirit and my drive to do my best.”


At first, Wattenbarger was unable to put weight on his right arm or leg, but therapists worked on gentle hand and shoulder exercises and coordination, flexing and sliding board training while he healed. Once he was cleared to bear weight, they began helping him with standing, walking, transfers (such as getting from a bed to a chair). They also continued strengthening interventions.


Now, Wattenbarger can sit independently again and simply requires supervision for getting in and out of bed, standing, grooming and bathing. He needs minimal assistance for getting dressed, bed mobility and walking.


Wattenbarger returned home on Sept. 13 with home health and family caregivers.


“A special thanks for their encouragement and help,” said Wattenbarger. “I would recommend Life Care to anyone!”