Ulrich Asmann with his care team

When Ulrich Asmann experienced a head injury as a result of a fall, he decided to do his rehabilitation at Life Care Center of Athens, Tennessee.


Asmann needed maximum assistance with all his mobility and self-care when he arrived on March 21, 2018. He also had difficulty thinking and suffered from aphasia, a lack of ability to speak and understand speech.


In physical therapy, Asmann started by improving his bed mobility and transfers, such as getting out of bed and into a chair. Physical therapists helped him improve his range of motion and develop greater neuroplasticity.


Occupational therapy worked with Asmann to improve his ability to use his left and right sides together for daily self-care tasks. They used neuromuscular reeducation for both his hands and arms and helped him with postural control.


Asmann’s speech therapy experience included brain and speech exercises, building from yes and no questions to basic commands, word associations, phrases and finally complex verbal sequencing.


“You have very uplifting and encouraging nursing and therapy staff here at Life Care Center of Athens,” Asmann said. “When my wife couldn’t be here, the staff was very supportive.”


Asmann was able to achieve his goals and returned home on May 2. He is continuing his therapy as an outpatient at Life Care Center of Athens to continue to regain strength.